7 Days Tangier desert Tour Overview

Luxury Fes tours suggests this tangier desert tour 7 days and Fes to explore the best sights of Morocco for the most exquisite holiday ever. Join us for more details on this tour.

7 Days Tangier desert Tour Description

Day 1: Tangier – Chefchaouen:

In tangier desert tour 7 days, we will start our trip to uncover the mysteries of Morocco. We will meet our driver in the port/ Airport of tangier or your accommodation to start our voyage to the blue city of Chefchaouen. We will start by a short tour to the Hercules Caves where it takes a nap after separating Africa and Europe with his majestic hands. Our next visit will be to Cap Sartell, Saad Nakhla, and Rass Elma Waterfall to enjoy a splendid natural scenery. our trip will take us to Chefchaouen, a small towntown founded as a secret mysterious space. It is hidden from the attacks of the Portuguese by two mountains standing upon it like two horns, even its name is derived from them. Chefchaouen means in Tamazight (Berber): Look at the Horns! The first Europeans to enter the city were Spanish troops in 1920. Upon our arrival to Chefchaouen, we will have our first contact with the city’s friendly locals. They will provide us with tips to understand the mysteries of their lifestyle. This trip will provide us with the opportunity to uncover its blue faced walls and see through it the silences of Morocco and the Mediterranean. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2: Chaouen – Fez:

Early in the morning, we will continue our journey to the Imperial city of Fez. This city is the crown of Moroccan heritage and history. It is the spiritual, cultural and intellectual capital of the Kingdom, it also holds one of the best institutes of Arabic and Islamic studies in the world such as the Qaraouine University and the Arabic Institute of Fez (ALIF). It is a strong hold of both conservative and Modernist communities. In Morocco, Fez is the second biggest city.
This fascinating trip will lead us to stroll in its various districts and appreciate its millennial age walls and houses. We will have time to see the new area of the old medina or Fez el-Jdid. This area encloses the Mullah (Jewish Quarter) and the golden Gate of the Royal Palace. Our tour also includes the Ville Nouvelle (Villa Nueva) in French zone in the northwest of the city. In Fez el Bali inside the walls, or the old Fez (8th century), we will wander in maze like small streets to have a feeling of transcendence over the power of time. We will encounter potters and smithsWe will meet artisans and donkeys laden with goods from diverse backgrounds and coexist with visitors wandering in its labyrinthine streets. In the souk and tanneries, we will be able to partake the artisan process inherited from ancestors since the medieval ages to get that colourful leather. Lunch will be in one of the traditional and luxurious restaurants in the old medina. After lunch, we will continue to explore the old medina and enjoy a wonderful sunset on one of the terraces of the vibrant cafes. Accommodation in a local Riad

Day 4: Fez – Merzouga:

tangier desert tour 7 days Early in the morning and after breakfast, we will leave for Midelt through the middle Atlas Mountains crowned with century old cedar woods. We will pass by small villages with all their stout looking minarets standing upon in guardian like posture.
Ifrane is a “European town lost in the jungle of Morocco”, as the French saying goes. French architects designed this city during the 1930s. It resembles to the small clean cities of the Alps. The royal family as well as the government gave it a special consideration keeping it clean and organized for visitors especially Moroccans. It also hosts an international University with English as its main language focus and an American Curriculum. It also has a charming ski resort. After the Zad pass (2,178m), we will arrive to Midelt for lunch. In the afternoon, our drive will lead us through welcoming Berber villages to Er-Rachidia, Erfoud then Rissani. We will arrive at the edge of the Erg Chebbi dune line to meet our desert guide. His camel friend will carry us through invisible pathways in the heart of the golden sand. This ride will take us in surreal natural combinations of a blue sky tainted with shades of a pink sunset and a golden sand. We will spend the night under the Milky Way and Stars in a Nomad desert camp attending an exotic dancing party around a fire camp.

Day 5 : Merzouga – Meknes

Early in the morning, our blue covered camel man will wake us up to appreciate the sunrise. He will take us back through the same invisible pathway to see a beautiful sunrise. Our camel man will serve us a nourishing and nomadic local breakfast meal in the desert camp, and then carry us back through invisible pathways in the golden sand dunes to Merzouga. We will enjoy a fascinating ride on the backs of friendly camels following their blue human friend.
Back through the same route climbing and descending the Atlas, we will arrive to the city of Meknes to visit the famous Roman ruins of Volubilis. These ruins date back to the 5th century BC where some of the original mosaics are very well preserved. Our visit includes Moulay Idriss Mausoleum of the very First Sultan in Morocco and Maghreb. The village enclosing this mausoleum was exclusive to Muslims only. Our trip includes Meknes, or the younger sibling of Fez. This city is the first capital of the current dynasty under the reign of Moulay Ismail. It is famous for its 40 km long city walls that preserve the most beautiful gate of Morocco: Bab Al Mansour. A Christian Portuguese captive built it as a price for his freedom after arresting him on the costs of the kingdom fighting against the corsairs of the Sultan. Its walls are more 1.5 meters thick to sustain cannon attacks of rebellious tribes as well as foreign powers seeking to seize control over Morocco. After lunch, we will visit the Royal Stables, which housed up to 12,000 horses of Sultan Moulay Ismail, the granaries and Lahdim Square. Overnight in a Riad/Hotel

Day 6: Meknes – Rabat- Assilah:

Early in the morning, we will head to the administrative capital of Morocco. Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco. Visiting this city is good opportunity to travel through and beyond time. This tour will unveil the modern and the mystic face of Morocco.
This combination stands in the historic part of the capital, the Mausoleum, the Hassan tour, the Oudaya Kasbah and the wide and modern streets of the new city. We will pass by the parliament and the big green gardens to get a glimpse of the Moroccan administrative headquarters. In the afternoon, we will leave to Assilah to see The Portuguese fortifications. Upon our arrival to this small coastal town, we will dive in one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It consists relatively of small medina houses painted in blue and decorated with colourful drawings and graffiti. Overnight in hotel/ Riad.

Day 7: Tangier – Tangier port or airport:

Early in the blue-skied morning and after having breakfast, we will head to Tangiers. In Tangier, we will take you to the airport or your accommodation. We also can have one last day trip in Tangiers in a customized arrangement.
If the itineraries that we offer do not match what you are looking for, please contact us and we will prepare the trip to your measurements and needs

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