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Fes Luxury tours’s aim is to introduce Morocco and its tradition to the rest of the world. And through this presented acitivity “ local family invitation ” you can live a real experience of the Moroccan traditional cuisine.

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Fes guided Medina Tour, a genuine experience in the oldest city in Morocco. Being traditional and modern at once, Fes remains the most seducing city in the kingdom, thus visiting it stays a priority once landing in the North African country. The Oldest city in the Arab world has 9200 alleyways and fourteen giant gates which makes the possibility of getting yourself lost more possible. Its appealing spots and authentic monuments offer a unique adventure to its visitors. Actually, you will catch no vehicles circulating in the Old Medina as its narrow streets do not allow it; it is a mere walking day that will take you back in time.
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9.30H– 10.30H: Free pick-up from your position in a luxurious vehicle.
Fes Local Family Tours Fes Tour with local Family lunch invitation begins in the Old Medina which has emerged as an important business hub and a major tourist destination in recent years. The old Medina still harbors ancient craftsmanship, fabric work and many structures that go back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. We will start our Visit from Bab Boujloud Gate or the blue Gate, the most popular and the most beautiful among the fourteen gates in the Old Medina. The gate is blue from the outside and green from the inside. The colors of the gate have significant meanings whose stories are left to your guide to reveal to you. Then, you will make your way through the narrow streets to discover this historical city and its corners where manifestations of past greatness still exist.
Moreover, we will head towards Bou Inania School and Mosque. It was founded in 1351–56 AD, and it held Islamic classes on Quran and the prophetic teachings and morals. It is widely acknowledged as an excellent example of Marinid architecture. After, you will go to see the Najarrine museum; it was designed for use by the merchants, traders, and visitors to the city, and it provided a storage place. In fact, it is a prominent example of Moroccan riad architecture. Subsequently, you will visit Chouara Tannery that is one of the three tanneries in the city. It was built in the 11th century, and it is the largest tannery.
From there, your local guide will lead you to the First University to be constructed in the World "Al-Qarawiyyin". The university which is operating as a mosque nowadays represents the scientific, spiritual and cultural status that continues to prosper. Lunchtime – a local family invitation.

13.00H: Lunch will be with a local family so that you can live a real experience of the Moroccan traditional cuisine. It is a different experience from that one of eating in restaurants. The local family invitation makes you closely discover the rituals of preparing a meal and the manners of how Moroccans go about eating .So, Lunch will be at a traditional Moroccan house belonging to 14th century.
It is a grand event to find out about Moroccan eating patterns such as washing hands before every meal, lounging around a low round table in salon, beginning to eat when the family says 'Bismillah' meaning 'in the name of Allah', eating from a the same dish and with the right hand. Basically, you will go native in doing things. In most Moroccan houses you will discover the different choice of salads served during meals, for example, tomato and cucumber salad, Za3louk and Taktouka. For the main dish, you would usually be eating tagine with meat and vegetables, couscous, Chicken with Green Olives and Lemon. Dessert is served at the end, and it is usually fruit. After lunch, we'll appreciate together the acclaimed Moroccan mint tea.

16.00H: Our trip is not finished yet. Your driver will take you to see the Royal Palace, the first to be built in Morocco. It has 7 well-decorated gates. You will be stunned by the main gate of the Royal Palace that is noted for its meticulous and stunning handwork. Just south of the Royal Palace is the Mellah, or the Jewish neighborhood that dates back to the middle ages. Right there, you will have a chance to see the manifestations of the difference existing between the architecture of the Moroccan people and that one of the Moroccan Jews.
Your driver will drive you to Bourj Nord to the see the Old Medina from above. Bourj Nord offers panoramic scenery of the old medina, just be ready to take as many pictures as your cameras allow since the view is irresistible. Later on, you will go to see the famous Ceramic school, where handmade pottery is made. We will seize up every minute to enjoy the atmosphere of the Old Medina.
You will sneak through the narrow streets to visit all the remarkable places. Luxury Fes Tours will astonish you with numerous activities like henna tattoo for free and other amazing things of your choice. Choosing a tour with us is full of unpredictable astonishments. Start your adventure by choosing Luxury Fes Tour to be your partner and companion.

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